we do not only think different
we are different
Everyone claims to have the right technical solution for exploiting the Big Data. Too bad that technology alone doesn’t create business value. You need to have a value added business solution. This is what in BDT we all know. And this is why identifying that business solution, based on our technology, is our core mission.
we can change
your perspective
BDT hybrid approach includes linguistic and semantic analyses and thanks to this capability our data processing goes far beyond mere statistical analyses. As a result, our technology can enrich your information, help you turn it into new business solutions and increase its value by orders of magnitude.
we can discover your
hidden knowledge
While each of us produces and owns a continuously growing set of data, we mainly exploit it on the surface, without digging into its hidden potential value. Extracting each single element of a large data set, aggregating and correlating all its element to turn them into valuable knowledge is what we do best.



Full Stack Big Data Ecosystem


Scope of our IT Ecosystem is to make it possible to exploit all available data regardless of their sources and formats


Our strategic vision is not to be the IT leader in any specific component of a Big Data Ecosystem, but rather have the most advanced Full Stack Big Data IT Ecosystem, which exploits available state of the art technologies.
BDT mission is to be the bridge between technology and business

Big Data Ecosystem

  • Semantic Analysis
  • Automatic Taxonomy
  • Conceptual Correlation
  • Entity Extraction
  • Machine Learning

The Big Data Approach

The "Big Data Approach" is the new term indicating that the next business evolution will come from our capacity to succeed in exploiting the potential of all available information. It will impact on almost all the variables that determine the success of an enterprise. Data are generated at operational level and this will always be so. How we approach their utilization and exploitation is the innovation introduced by Big Data.


BDT was started as a Management Consulting company specialized in the “Big Data Approach”, which is a natural evolution of the traditional – and mature – management consulting business.


We have developed a proprietary IT Ecosystem to support the identification and implementation of innovative business solutions based on the “Big Data Approach”.


When we have affirmed the importance of our business key variables, we can then make a model that answers sophisticated queries and provides insights. We create Value.


Air Travels


In order to provide the most efficient approach on projects, BDT is applying a hybrid methodology based on the mixture of two main methods of agile development.


Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development.


Kanban is a method for managing knowledge work with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery while not overloading the team members.


BDT ecosystem is fully scalable and natively parallelized. Each component of the system is extremely performing and can handle both a huge amount of data and very intensive data processing activities.


our ecosystem allows a complete and native context to the cloud, where you can exploit the full potential offered by the architectural scalability of the infrastructure and maintenance costs without compromising on security.


NABU can be installed in any context of proprietary infrastructure without causing performance or functional reductions. The extreme flexibility of our solution ensures no impact on legacy systems.


The best insight, stories, and publications from Big Data Technologies


Sentiments are the result of a never-ending clash between the irrational and rational components of our personality. 

Many variables concur to the end result of this clash: the topic and how relevant it is for us, our knowledge and competence on the subject, our current general mood and also the influence of the external environment (social media above all!).

Our sentiments are therefore the result of a very complex process, as it is assessing them...with a software! However, the so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI) does provide us with some understanding of them.

While ours is a very sophisticated and advanced Big Data technology, it’s up to us to make a good use of its output. This application of our Big Data technology, which is only one of those possible, converts sentiments into numbers with a many-digits precision! However, don’t let you be confused by this mathematical precision. Don’t jump to conclusions. Use your rational component to understand those numbers and integrate them with your experience and good judgment. This is the only way our powerful tool can help you gain a better understanding of...what’s going on!

We hope our tool will help you better understand the evolution of this very important campaign and, above all, the complexity of the voters’ behavior. 

We would also appreciate your feedback on our tool.

Thanks for your  attention and...enjoy playing with our “Sentiment Analysis” 

Roberto Fantino

Founder and CEO - Big Data Technologies srl