Although incorporated in January 2014, BDT is not a traditional start-up company, since it benefits from the consulting experience of its controlling company and from the know-how acquired from an IT company with over 10 years experience in developing big data technologies.

BDT was created to help the business community (companies and managers) take advantage of the opportunities offered by adopting “Big Data Approaches” which are made possible by the recent evolution in Information Technology (IT).

Why is this an issue? Because in the last 50 years technologies have evolved at a pace much too fast for the end user to understand them and fully comprehend their implications on his business. As this innovation trend will accelerate, this “knowledge gap” will increase and require adequate approaches to bridge it out.

BDT is this bridge and can help identify innovative business solutions. Helping clients identify innovative “Big Data” solutions that exploit state of the art technology, assisting them in all phases necessary develop them and implementing them is BDT core mission.

We can be that bridge because we possess both needed characteristics:

  • Management consulting  skills to help identify the innovative business solution made possible thanks to the technology; 
  • An  innovative  IT  Ecosystem  that  supports  the “Big  Data  Approach”  with  a  single  and integrated solution.






Sentiments are the result of a never-ending clash between the irrational and rational components of our personality. 

Many variables concur to the end result of this clash: the topic and how relevant it is for us, our knowledge and competence on the subject, our current general mood and also the influence of the external environment (social media above all!).

Our sentiments are therefore the result of a very complex process, as it is assessing them...with a software! However, the so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI) does provide us with some understanding of them.

While ours is a very sophisticated and advanced Big Data technology, it’s up to us to make a good use of its output. This application of our Big Data technology, which is only one of those possible, converts sentiments into numbers with a many-digits precision! However, don’t let you be confused by this mathematical precision. Don’t jump to conclusions. Use your rational component to understand those numbers and integrate them with your experience and good judgment. This is the only way our powerful tool can help you gain a better understanding of...what’s going on!

We hope our tool will help you better understand the evolution of this very important campaign and, above all, the complexity of the voters’ behavior. 

We would also appreciate your feedback on our tool.

Thanks for your  attention and...enjoy playing with our “Sentiment Analysis” 

Roberto Fantino

Founder and CEO - Big Data Technologies srl